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(815) 230-0092

Thermoplastic Compounding Technology

Service & Support

Experience Mega Polymers Service & Support

Polymer Selection

Amorphous vs Semi-Crystaline?
Which one to choose in your specific application and why it is critical to get this right before you produce a molded part. Don’t miss an opportunity to get an expert opinion before you cut steel.

Processing Support

Zone temperature profile, drying conditions, mold temperature, etc.

Tooling Design & Support

Allow Mega Polymers to round off your sharp corners.

Specialty Compounding

Custom colors, wear resistance, flame retardant, EMI-RFI shielding, stat decay protection, dimensional control, thermally conductive technology.

Toll Compounding

Re-pelletize your materials to your exact requirements

Overseas Logistics Support

Import & Export Services.

Stocking Programs

Just in time delivery custom tailored to your requirements.

Recycling Programs

Mega Recycling LLC will purchase your scrap, regrind, and obsolete inventory. go to: www.megarecyclingllc.com for further details and a fast quote.

Customer Service

For fast service, contact us at: orders@megapolymers.com

Sales Support

Questions related to polymer support, contact us at: sales@megapolymers.com

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