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Thermoplastic Compounding Technology

About Us

About Mega Polymers

Mega Polymers is a privately-owned distributor, broker, and compounder of engineering grade thermoplastic resins. Our primary focus is serving the injection molding industry. These resins include: Nylon, PBT, Acetal, PPS, PC, ABS, PEI, PPO, PE, PP, and HIPS. Mega Polymers also brings an extensive background in thermoplastic compounding technology to the marketplace.

Mega's compounding expertise includes, custom colors, flame retardant materials, impact modifiers, EMI/RFI shielding, wear resistant compounds, electrostatic protection and conductivity elastomers. With over 30 years of experience in the thermoplastic compounding industry, Mega Polymers is a valuable engineering resource and contributing partner to both molders and OEMs.

Meet Our Team

"The difference will always be our people, our quality and consistency."

Bret Garrison - President

Mega Polymers Core Values


We are high energy, innovative and confident about providing the highest levels of customer service and solutions in an industry where we are recognized for our leadership.

Customer Focus

We understand the needs and aspiration of our customers: Mega Polymers branded promise of ease, confidence and achievement helps us consistently do what’s right for our customers and our suppliers.


We trust the capabilities, character, and judgment of our colleagues and empower them to make decisions that are right for both, Mega Polymers, and our customers.


We work together to achieve our goals and celebrate the success of our employees.


We are honest and conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.


We understand the value of our differences and appreciate how diversity creates a stronger organization which in turn, helps meet our customers needs.

Quality of Life:

We recognize and encourage the importance of balancing professional and personal life. The difference between Mega Polymers and others within our own industry will always be people, quality, and service. It will always be our goal to make a positive difference in each of our lives and pass this goodness along to our customers.